Thankfully, Wheelz Up is not your typical local courier service.





…these are not words typically associated with last mile courier and delivery services.


Traditionally outfitted by independent contractors with no training, minimal background checks, and unregulated transportation, the auto-parts delivery service industry has seen its share of woes. Beyond the financial risk the car dealership is exposed to when utilizing an independent contractor, the potential long-term impact the business faces due to the unprofessional nature of the delivery can result in tremendous loses in revenue. Often driving their own vehicles, independent contractors are responsible for delayed deliveries and cancelled orders – deteriorating professional relationships and negatively impacting the organizations reputation. By in large, independent contractors are emotionally uninvested, generally untrained, and lack any care for the professional appearance of the company they are delivering for or to. The complacency of the independent contractors leads to high turnover, damaged goods, lost deliveries, and a lack of confidence in the business they are delivering for.

The reality is that independent contractors simply do not care about your business or your customers.

At Wheelz Up, we believe this complacency is directly responsible for poor customer service, lost revenue, and an overall distrust of the automotive industry. Wheelz Up is proud to be different: Part logistics, part delivery, and 100% professional, we have forever changed the way the automotive industry gets parts where they need to go.


Since 2010, Wheelz Up has grown by leaps and bounds – and that is directly related to the way we do business. Each delivery driver and courier is fully vetted, trained, and considered a valued employee of Wheelz Up. Wearing sharp uniforms and driving company owned cargo vans, Wheelz Ups delivers more than automotive parts: We deliver professionalism, confidence, and results. With over $1 million dollars in inventory delivered daily by our team of 200 drivers, Wheelz Up consistently does what the auto-part courier industry claims is impossible: Deliver parts quickly, reliably, and with no loss or damage to the product. Regularly maintained company cargo vans mean no delayed deliveries, and each delivery is tracked from pick-up to destination to ensure your goods arrive safely.

Our motto is simple: “We’ll get it there.” Knowing that there is a customer connected to every part, every team member at Wheelz Up is committed to the safe, professional, and quick delivery of every vehicle part. Whether you are an auto-parts wholesaler, a dealership repair shop, paint company, tire company, or other niche organization – Wheelz Up is wholly dedicated to making sure your parts and products arrive efficiently and professionally every time.

It’s true: Wheelz Up is not your typical auto-part delivery and courier service – and we couldn’t be prouder about that.

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